Why Hiring A Copywriter Is A Smart Business Decision

Let’s say you need copy for marketing collateral or a website. Why hire a copywriter—when you could do the writing in-house?

For the same reason you don’t hang a paint-by-numbers picture over the fireplace
and call it art.

There’s a difference between filler text and strategic, results-driven copy. Here’s why hiring a copywriter is a smart move:

Marketing is serious business. Every Web page, tweet, press release or brochure should be written in a style that fosters relationships with your customers and creates momentum for your business. A copywriter knows how to do that.

Quality matters. People form opinions about your company based on the quality of your marketing content. Crisp, straightforward copy enhances your business image and illustrates the value of your products or services.

A copywriter writes. While most people have a reasonable degree of writing ability, a copywriter has more. Significantly more.

Persuasive, relevant copy elicits a response.
Does your copy send a clear message, make customers or prospects feel something, and motivate them to act? It should. Copy that reads like last year’s tax form just takes up valuable white space. Worse, nobody responds to boring, irrelevant text – unless it’s to stifle a yawn.

The takeaway? Hiring a copywriter is an investment in the success of your business. Do-it-yourself copy costs more, in terms of potential revenue and market share, than it does to hire a copywriter.



Lisa and her team develop and execute marketing strategies that differentiate your organization and speak to your target audience. Her copy elicits an emotional response from the reader.

M. Wheeler
Director of Marketing
Arizona Heart Institute


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