Social Media Without A Strategy Is Marketing Gone Bad

It’s easy to create a Facebook page or set up a Twitter account. But knowing which platforms are best for your business is much harder.

An effective social media campaign takes time, planning and sustained effort. What are your business objectives? Do you have the right resources to support a social media presence? How will you define success? You should approach social media as you would any other marketing initiative – seriously and with strategic forethought.

At BRAVA, we hold these truths to be self-evident:

  • Most companies do not understand the medium
  • Most companies jump into social media without a strategic plan

In declaration thereof, we suggest the following:

Stop, look and listen. Visit different platforms and “listen” to conversations about your industry. Check out your competitors. Do the research before you tweet.

Consult with a strategist. Run from anyone suggesting a shotgun approach. A good strategist knows which audience you need to target and which platforms have the potential to yield tangible results.

Allocate resources. Make room in the budget for a copywriter or strategist. Joe in Marketing or Mary in HR have neither the time nor the qualifications to write the copy that represents your business. Post content that’s worth reading and update regularly.

Assign ownership of the space. One strategist or copywriter should manage all of your platforms – for the sake of quality, consistent messaging and measurable results.

Social media is a powerful tool. Used wisely, it can enhance customer relations and establish your brand.



Lisa has given our program a personality that speaks intimately to patients and the medical community alike. She consistently delivers extremely high caliber work and is a true “A-Player.”

K. White
Associate Manager Marketing Programs
NuVasive, Inc.


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