PR – It’s more than a press release

170537605-300x199And here’s what it’s not: stretching the truth to gain attention or downplay a crisis situation.

Good PR gets the attention of your target audience with content that is interesting and useful to them. It’s about telling your story, offering value and making your brand message relevant.

Be heard above the social roar. Create conversations. Engage with your audience. Shout better, not louder, than the competition. At BRAVA, we work with you to develop a brand message that’s relevant in its call-to-action and timing. Most important, we make sure that it’s distributed via the relevant medium.

Smart PR is the foundation for brand visibility. It’s the best way to tell your company story, not to mention your terra firma in a crisis situation. We’re experts in both traditional and digital public relations, so whether you want to generate buzz or put out a fire, give us a call.

We’re in the business of building brands.



Lisa is a highly intelligent, articulate and personable professional I would highly recommend.

J. Soderman
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