Life is easier when you follow the Rules.

January 2016

  • Housekeeping should always be outsourced.


  • No one over the age of 35 is named “Tyler.”


  • The extra money you pay for Q-Tips is worth it.

June 2014

  • A reasonable person doesn’t even consider eating a Krispy Creme-coated bacon cheeseburger at the fair.


  •  Men: Socks with sandals? Just stop it.


  • Socks-and-sandals-006You look so important crossing a busy intersection talking on your cell phone – thinks no one ever.

February 2014

  • Dogs wearing costumes are never pleased with the outfit.


  • However, dogs wearing Police K-9 vests are.images


  • For any number of reasons, men who wear pinky rings are not to be trusted.

August 2012



  • Please note: a Firefighter Pet Alert posted in the window serves no purpose when your house is ablaze.

  • A Speedo is OK sometimes. A “mankini” is never OK.

  • Admit it. You’re on Facebook because you never got over early childhood learning activities like Show and Tell.


January 2012

‘Tis The Season . . .

  • Chances are, you’re the only person who finds your holiday sweater amusing.


  • Definition of Holiday Madness: Believing that your holiday sweater works for the office. The weekend. Or (gasp!) a night out.


  • Leave the slip dress in the closet. Avoid putting the “ho” in office holiday party.


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